The Intelligent Luxury Home Buyer

Buying a home with a value beyond the market average is a time to excersice caution and sound business judgement. It is also a time to pay close attention to the needs of your lifestyle. This purchase needs to accomplish two major goals with excellence. First, the property must fulfill your wants and needs. Our systems will help you define:

  • The ideal size and layout
  • How much land would be best for you
  • What price range achieves the broadest range of your goals.
  • Locations with the most stable resale values
  • Levels of interior finish in a cost comparison summary

Protecting your investments is as critical as finding the next pocket of growth. Greg is focussed on increasing your net equity through winning strategies that will help you buy low and sell high. Incorporated into this strategy are specific techniques for sourcing listings with the most value regardless if they are currently on the market. The math is simple, what would buying for 5% less and selling for 5% more do to your financial outlook? 10% more equity in your personal use real estate portfolio helps no matter where your finances currently stand.

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