Selling Luxury, Executive and Estate Homes

One of the most exciting times in a person's life is when they finally have the option to purchase a dream home. The term dream home has a different meaning to different people. Your idea of a dream home can also develop over time. In order to serve our client base most effectively, we have limited availablity of the services to a specific price range and style of home. If many of the following points describe your home then we encourage you to meet with us and discuss your needs in person.

  • Natural list price higher than $500,000
  • Significant value in the property is associated with the residential component. (country / farm estates included)
  • Custom built home
  • Likely to appeal to buyers with incomes in the upper class
  • A former luxury home suited for major renovations to create a dream home
  • Homes with a significant and noteworthy historical record

Download Luxury Real Estate Reports

Our selection of reports is currently in development. Check back soon for new arrivals.

Topics we indend to cover include:

  • Luxury Home Considerations
  • Understanding the upper class demographic
  • Staging a high end home
  • Your first country property
  • Tax considerations (land and income)
  • Evaluating the quality of a build