Greg McCarvell - Broker

Protecting your investments is as critical as finding the next pocket of growth. Greg is focussed on increasing your net equity through winning strategies that will help you buy low and sell high. Incorporated into this strategy are specific techniques for sourcing listings with the most value regardless if they are currently on the market. The math is simple, what would buying for 5% less and selling for 5% more do to your financial outlook? 10% more equity in your personal use real estate portfolio helps no matter where your finances currently stand.

Client Testimonials

You will never again question who should be referred to your family and friends!

I don't know what we would have done without your calm and thoughtful dealings with everything and everybody concerned. You have remained professional but at the same time considerate of our needs and feelings. We are very grateful for everything you've done.

Since we won't be needing your services again for several years after all this is finalized, we will gladly pass on your name to those we know and hop that our kids have an opportunity to give you work at some point down the road.

Gary & Sue

We've used Greg for both buying and selling our family home... and now he's locating an investment property for us. With so many agents to choose from, we would not think of giving him any repeat business unless we are totally satisfied - and we are! Our most recent experience with Greg typifies the kind of service we have received over the past years.

We were pressured to get our home ready for sale quickly, as we had already moved the kids out of town. Greg noticed that our front step needed repairing. Instead of adding to our list of 'things to do', he repaired it himself! Then - when a winter storm dumped 8 inches of snow on our driveway, Greg came over an hour early for the showing scheduled that day. We thought we'd just cancel the showing - but not Greg! He spent over an hour shoveling us out - and that was not the only day he came with his shovel. This type of practical, hands-on assistance is what we have received from Greg consistently.

Greg made himself available day and night; week days and week ends; work days and holidays. In fact - he accepted an offer on our behalf on Christmas eve while celebrating Christmas with family out of town! After negotiating on our behalf throughout the Christmas holidays, we finalized our deal early in the new year. If Greg did not make himself available, we suspect that the buyers would have moved on.

Since we won't be needing your services again for several years after all this is finalized, we will gladly pass on your name to those we know and hop that our kids have an opportunity to give you work at some point down the road.

Russell & Tammy

Thanks Greg! Really, we want to thank you for everything you've done for us - this was a great experience! Alicia and I were nervous at first, not really sure what to expect or when we'd find our house, but you were really great and helped us along the way. Thank you! We'll definitely refer you to anyone looking to buy or sell a house.

Dave & Alicia

We found Greg to be all we wanted in a person who would be able to showcase our house and find us the house that we wanted. As a young family with 2 children it was important to find a person who had the same values when it came to looking for a house. Because we knew that Greg was a very involved father, he could appreciate that we could be choosy when it came to school districts as well as what a functional home would be for a family of 4.

Greg is very computer savvy which came in handy with his professional design of our house's web page and his info sheet. Daily communication was invaluable as we were on our mission to find the right house. Greg has worked tirelessly for us and I know he would do the same for your family.

Mike & Eleanor

The task of finding an agent was daunting, very exhilarating and stressful at the same time. The responses came from 32 dedicated candidates anxious to help me. I interviewed 22 agents who took the time to view my property and provide me with comprehensive information packages.

I took some time over the week end to go through the information that was so kindly provided. Here are some of the factors which I used to come up with my difficult decision: Experience, number of years in sales, had agents recently sold home like mine, was their any prospects in their repertoire, how familiar were they with London South, how an agent perceived the market, trends etc. and also the big one advertising and marketing. Character and personality were also elements I considered.

I must commend you for the professional effort you put fourth. You proved to me that with some effort, I could find the best agent to work with me. Your knowledge of the business makes me believe that London has the best agents around and you stand apart from them.

I wish to to inform you that your company has been selected at this time; I greatly appreciate your time and effort. I look forward to working with you to sell my home and have you assist me in finding a new home.


Many more client testimonials are available upon request.